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Welcome to Critters Pet Care’s Blog!

Myself and the rest of the Critters team always have so many stories, and so much information, about animals, pet sitting, and dog walking, we decided it was high time to start a blog to share it all with the world.

The sorts of topics you can expect to see posted here are anecdotes about animal antics from our pet minding and dog walking work, information and advice about pet care, links to resources about dogs, cats, or other pets that you might find useful, profiles about particular animals we love, and anything else we think you might like to see. If you have any great ideas or requests for things we could post, feel free to let us know at

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog, and make sure you keep us in mind next time you are going away on holiday or need help walking the dog. Full information about our business and the services we offer is available on our main website,

- Megan

Banana Great Dane having a big jump

Me and my little boy, Banana. Photo taken by Simon Duggan at the GDLAWA fun day, 2011